Wednesday, April 3, 2013

CHERYL NASON: Spring springing, try new playground at River Legacy Parks

It’s that time of year when the dull brown-grays of winter begins to fade and the lovely green of spring explodes like a painted landscape.  What a perfect time to explore the outdoors.  Arlington is home to a wonderful series of parks, but the jewel in the crown is River Legacy Parks.

This magical nature experience is a 1,300-acre natural park located on the banks of the Trinity River in North Arlington.  The philosophy behind the park is to preserve the natural beauty of the terrain along the Trinity while at the same time providing recreational and educational opportunities for park visitors.  A playground area has always been a favorite with children and their parents.

According to Kurt Beilharz, project manager for the City of Arlington Parks and Recreation Department, “The playground area of the park had become outdated and was recently refurbished and improved with new equipment and safety surfacing designed with a nature-theme consistent with the natural surroundings in the park.”

The main play equipment structures were installed last summer.  The equipment was custom designed for the River Legacy Park playground and is sculpted from glass fiber reinforced concrete.  The new equipment is exciting and inviting, beckoning children to come play and explore!
Cheryl Nason

Slides appear to be coming out of a huge old hollow tree trunk and climbers have been designed on the sides of the tree. Animal faces, such as raccoons and owls, peer out from hollows in the tree.  A net climber is configured to look like a giant spider.  There are shaded areas under the quasi-trees  for kids to sit and interact. For the smaller kids there is an actual sized skeleton of a T-Rex dinosaur to climb on.

Beilharz continues, “Another very exciting aspect of the new playground is a system of raised net tunnel structures that take the adventurous up into the lower branches of surrounding trees.”

A playtrail has also been constructed.  The “Playtrail” concept promotes fitness by encouraging families to walk together and enjoy the various play areas along the trail.

While you’re at the park, also explore the 12, 000-square-foot Living Science Nature Center.  The Center is home to environmental education programs and there is always a calendar full of public programs and events.  The children’s programs are particularly popular and space is limited.

Click here to learn more about River Legacy the experiences that await you and your family.  Or you call 817-860-6752.

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