Friday, October 12, 2012

Mayor Cluck expresses optimism about the city’s future and ongoing accomplishments

Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck delivered his annual State of the City address Thursday, October 11 at the Arlington Convention Center, outlining the city’s accomplishments, the City Council’s new priorities, and Arlington’s future course.
Cluck discussed topics such as the City’s thriving economy and quality of life, public safety, development and transportation.
Cluck’s speech – frequently illustrated by charts and graphs -- touched upon a variety of topics, ranging from a steadily diminishing crime rate to home foreclosure percentages. Much of the emphasis was on economic development.
“New developments such as Viridian and UTA’s College Town show great promise for bringing new vitality to North Arlington and our Downtown areas,” Cluck said. “Key redevelopments and expansions are important as well. Two examples are the Parks Mall renovation and the expansion at General Motors. Investments here will ensure that our current success stories are preserved and enhanced.”

Cluck predicted that, in the future, Arlington will also increase its role in regional mobility.
“The Centre Port pilot connection (an experimental bus line connecting with Trinity Express rail) will allow us to test drive regional transportation,” Cluck said. “We will also work to streamline movement in the areas of the 360 & I-30 interchange and Center Street South. These improvements will facilitate both accessibility and economic development. We will also concentrate on building momentum for both the Arlington brand and our status as a Thriving Community of choice in the Metroplex.”
This is the sixth consecutive year the Arlington Chamber of Commerce has sponsored the State of the City address.

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